New to Notion? Try the PRINT Method for 2022

If you are anything like me you want to use Notion this year! But for some there is the issue of not knowing where to start. If this is you try the PRINT Method! The PRINT method stands for Projects Ideas Notes Tasks and it helps by guiding you through creating the most commonly created types of Notion databases which are Notion’s bread and butter.


Start off making a database for ALL your projects. This can include your deliverables and planned content.

P for Project

Make sure to include a column using the status property for an area a project is in and a due date, add a start and finish date for longer projects.

Examples of uses:

  • Work Projects, Assignments, Exams, Blog Posts, Videos, Commissions

For those longer projects a great view to use is timeline! It provides a more linear look into your projects’ time schedule.


The solution for the digital equivalent of the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink drawer.

R for Resource

In each page of your resources in your database you can add embed videos for easy watching, web bookmarks for future reference and even embed tweets ( looking at you bookmarks ).

Add a tag or type column using the multi-select property for easy sorting.

Examples of uses:

  • Links, Videos, Images, Files, Tweets

For a more visual look of your resources try a gallery view also the traditional table view is also good!


Create a space to freely write those ideas! An idea database is a great place for ideas that might be a maybe without adding them to your project database.

I for Idea

But when its time to put that idea into action, just go to that idea’s page and choose the move to function ( located on the top right ) and move it to the the project database

Examples of uses:

  • Anything you like to add / write down!

For a lot of ideas the list view is a great thing to try, it gives a more simple look for you database.


With adding a database for notes it provides a more customizable and easier tag system.

N for Notes

From school notes to meeting notes you can not only add different elements to the notes themselves via blocks but have them organized via multiple categories easily.

Want to jumpstart your notes or just have a certain preference on layout for certain notes? Create templates under a new page in your database.

Make sure to name the templates based on the type of notes it’s used for!

Examples of uses:

  • Notes for School, Meetings, Work, or a Quick Jot Down

Gallery view is great to see a preview of your note’s contents without needing to click open each page. Just set the card preview to page content in the properties setting.


Make your tasks work for you.

T for Task

Use the property options for columns in anyway you like to make those tasks organizable and manageable! To get started use a category or plop a due date in your columns. With the date columns remember to set up notifications when entering in the date.

Feeling spicy? Add a relation column and link your project database. This will allow your projects to have assigned tasks.

Examples of uses:

  • Around the House, Project, or General tasks

Use a board view to see your tasks in groups. To group by a status add a status column using the select property then add your status options!

Use views

Link those databases!

so with those databases you can reference them on other pages using the linked database block. create curated views for certain pages by using the filtering options to show the info you want in a certain part of your notion.

An example of using views/ linked database

  • A view for just blog posts on your content page, one for just assignments on your class page and one for just your commissions all from one database!

Make sure you use certain columns to organize your elements that you will be able to filter on views later. Also views won’t change your database data by default but you can still add stuff from a view!

What’s Next

Don’t work hard, Notion smart!

The greatest thing about notion is you can make it apply to you! You can use each database in the print method or not. when you get more comfortable with using notion branch out and try different layouts! it does not have to be pretty as long as it makes sense to you…its perfect.

Examples of things to try on Notion

Still stuck? Use those Notion-provided templates. Whether using them block for block or just as inspo, those templates might help you get started!

Happy Notion-ing!

Let me know if the PRINT method worked for you! Use the #printnotion tag on Twitter or @ me on Twitter ( @artbycadet )!

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